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Located in Snowtown, South Australia, Salt Distributors have been manufacturing animal supplements for over 50 years. Our range of products are of the highest quality and we are always trialling new, innovative, ideas to increase the cost effectiveness of our products.

Mineral Supplementation of Livestock

Over many years it was discovered that all crops will give greatly improved yields and growth from a disproportionately small input of fertiliser (Eg Phosphorus, Nitrogen etc). The same disproportionate production lifts can be gained in livestock by supplying the necessary minerals and Nitrogen to "fertilise" your animals directly.

All living things, both plant and animal, require a balanced diet of both food stuffs and minerals and animals, just as plants, will do a great deal better if proportionately small amounts of the correct minerals are kept in constant supply.

Using Salt Distributors licks on a year round basis to supply large mineral needs (Eg Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Salt) should cost between $1.00 and $2.00 per sheep per year.


Trace Element Deficiencies

Absolute trace element deficiencies will produce clinical diseases and death in livestock. Various complex strategies have been contrived to allow slow release of the deficient elements to avert disease and increase production.

We think that year round supplementation of such minerals in a hard, weather proof, and not over palatable lick block is a very efficient method of supplying deficient trace elements as well as high use elements such as Calcium, Phosphorous Magnesium etc.


Individual Formulation

We have found that different soil types might well exist within the boundaries of even a small farm, indicating the need for different block formulations. We have also noted and catered for special requirements. We have coped with near poisonous natural Copper concentrations with relatively high Zinc or Molybdenum blocks.

If you have special requirements, (eg extra zinc, less urea, more phorsphorus etc) or have your own special mineral mix, we can make blocks or loose mixes to suit. Have your animal nutritionist make a recipe for you or we have our own vet on staff that could advise you in these matters.
There is no doubt about the potential for fine-tuning your mineral supplementation program by having your individual block requirements "tailor made" to certain conditions. We can produce individually formulated blocks in as small as half tonne lots (22 blocks) almost as cheaply as our normal off the shelf blocks.
We also offer bulk discounts and economy blocks to further reduce your input costs.


The Prerequisites

    • Hard, weather resistant blocks for supplement distribution.
    • Safe dosing system.
    • Accurate formulation.
    • Selection of only the most cost effective ingredients to supplement.
    • Extreme economy of production.
    • Blocks that are not too palatable.
    • Your special formula.


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